We know it’s important to keep your buddy close. Get your pet documented as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) by a licensed Psychologist within 24 hours*


If you’re looking to have your pet documented as an Emotional Support Animal, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s what ESA Provider offers, for you:

  • FULLY ONLINE SERVICES. Our assessments are conducted 100% online; simply click “Begin Your Assessment” or the above button to begin. Payment by debit or credit cards will be processed through PayPal.
  • RAPID DECISION. We make a determination–and provide you with your ESA Letter, if you qualify–within 24 hours. Guaranteed. For real. Seriously.
  • DOCUMENTATION THAT HOLDS UP. Our ESA letters are specifically worded to both comply with federal laws and to get you the reasonable accommodations you and your pet are entitled to.
  • NO FRILLS OR ADD-ONS. In practically all Housing and Airline situations, all you need is an ESA letter written by a medical professional–that’s what we offer. We won’t try to sell you unnecessary extras (vests, pet registry, special tags/collars, etc.)
  • FAIR COST. Go ahead, shop around! We’re confident our services are the best value for what you (actually) need.

You probably have some questions about Emotional Support Animals, or ESAs. Below are some of the more common questions we get, but you can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page HERE.

What is an “ESA”?

An ESA or emotional support animal, is an animal who provides comfort and emotional support to a person. Unlike service animals, ESAs do not have specific training or tasks they accomplish for that person.

Why are ESAs important?

Emotional support animals are a vital part of a person’s well-being. There is well-documented research that demonstrates the many benefits an emotional support animal provides for its owner. Especially in times like these, it is essential for animal lovers to be able to keep their buddy with them, wherever they live or choose to travel.

Why should I have my pet documented as an ESA?

The short answer is this: more control over your life. With a documented ESA you can ensure that wherever you go, your buddy will be able to come, too. Emotional support animals are protected by federal law, which means that they are allowed to live with their owner for no additional charge (i.e. no deposit) and allowed to accompany them on airplanes.

What makes ESA Provider different?

Our founders are licensed Psychologists who recognized the value ESAs contribute to their clients’ lives. We decided to start this service in order to help as many people as possible. Our focus is service to the customer, at the best price possible–bottom line. But we also value the providers with whom we work, which is why we pay them fair compensation for their services. This allows for us to recruit and retain only the most qualified and motivated licensed professionals to accomplish our mission.

We are not focused on generating revenue or exploiting customers who don’t understand the validation process or the laws which govern ESAs. That’s why, if you’re not likely to qualify, we let you know up-front–BEFORE you pay.

Great, but what does that mean to me?

There’s lots to like about ESA Provider. In short, we offer you:

  • Documentation from a licensed provider in your state, within 24 hours. This ESA letter will allow you (assuming you meet criteria) to live with your pet without being discriminated against or having to pay an exorbitant amount for a deposit. This means you will be able to travel with your animal and not suffer the anxiety of leaving them in the care of someone else, or of having to pay expensive boarding fees.
  • Our customers save 33% or more when using our service. Because we are able to keep our expenses to a minimum, we pass the savings on to you.
  • We only provide the service you need to keep your buddy close. Many companies will offer to put your animal on a registry, which serves no actual purpose. They will also offer “add on’s” like certificates, tags, patches, etc. (for an additional charge). We invite you to compare our prices to theirs and make the most informed decision that you can.
What does this service cost?

Our rates are very affordable relative to the industry standard. We have extensively researched the costs involved and feel that our prices, product, and fees beat what most other similar services provide. Our rates are as follows:

Housing Letter (compliant with the Fair Housing Act, will qualify your ESA to live with you without a deposit)


Airline Letter (compliant with the Air Carrier Access Act, will qualify your ESA to fly with you)


Combination Letter (two in one)


Additionally, we use PayPal for our secure debit and credit card transactions.

How does it work, and what do I get?

Once your complete the screening and payment on our website, your information will be sent to a Psychologist licensed in the state where you live. They will review your information and, if you qualify, will create a letter that will designate the animal you identified in the form as your ESA. This secured letter will be emailed to you, along with a password to access it, within 24 hours of submission. You will be able to show this letter to airline officials and landlords as proof of your pet’s ESA status.

Letters are valid for one year, and they cover one animal.

What if my landlord or airline has a question or issue?

You are not obligated to answer any questions regarding your ESA. This is because your information is confidential and protected. If your situation requires additional information, you will need to sign a legal release for us to discuss your situation with a third party (but this does not incur an additional charge to you). We are available 24/7/365 via email (info@esaprovider.com) and will work to advocate for you as our customer.

IMPORTANT: The U.S. Department of Transportation passed new regulations on January 11, 2021 which allows individuals airlines to have more legal flexibility in their allowance of Emotional Support Animals onboard flights. While most dogs are generally allowed, this may vary from airline to airline. Please inquire with your airline regarding their current Emotional Support Animal policy.

In which states do you provide this service?

We are in the process of rapidly expanding our business footprint.

Currently we are able to provide services to pet owners who reside in:













New Hampshire

New York








We will soon be available to serve:



*If you meet eligibility criteria per the professional judgment of a licensed psychologist. All evaluation requests are reviewed and determined within 24 hours. New York orders may take up to 36 hours due to high volume.